Poster Competition Submission Criteria

Criteria for Abstracts

  • First/Primary Author:
    • Must be an Osteopathic Medical Student attending a COM located in Texas or an Osteopathic Intern, Resident, or Fellow training in Texas.
    • Must be a member of TOMA. (Interested in joining? Membership is FREE for students, interns, residents and fellows. Click here to apply).
  • The information presented in the Abstract must be original, not a duplicate, and not previously published.
  • Each Abstract must contain the elements described in the criteria for either the Original Research abstract or Case Report. The elements must be clearly stated.
  • Generic names for drugs should be used.

Instructions for preparing Abstracts:

Heading of the Abstract

  • The title of the abstract on the application must match exactly the title on the abstract on the poster
  • The person submitting the application and presenting the poster must be listed as the First Author.
  • The highest degree of the Authors must be listed on the application
  • If submitting Original Research: the abstract should include a statement confirming that the study has been approved or is exempt by the institution's Institutional Review Board (IRB). This is required for posters and papers involving research with human subjects and is expected at major conferences and journals. Your submission will be rejected if the IRB statement is not included.

Deadline to submit application is October 18, 2023.

Original Research Criteria

Case Report Criteria