Original Research Guidelines and Instructions

  1. Abstract length: Maximum of 350 words (not including heading)
  2. Maximum number of Authors: 5
  3. Poster References: Maximum of 10
  4. Deadline to submit Original Research application: October 18, 2023.

Original Research Abstract must include:

TITLE (100 characters Maximum)

  • Should facilitate interest in the topic; be short, descriptive and searchable.
  • Body of the abstract must include the following and cannot exceed 350 words.


  • Background - In one or two sentences describe why the topic investigated is important (i.e., novel approach; does the study fill knowledge gaps?).
  • Hypothesis: In one or two sentences describe the specific question that was addressed in the study or the relationship that was investigated.


  • A summary of the methods used to design and carry out the study
  • State the type of design (i.e., randomized controlled trial, double blinded, survey)
  • Include the clinical circumstances (i.e., primary care center, general community)
  • Brief description of key subject inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Include the total number of subjects recruited and how many were in each group of the study (i.e., control group, study group).
  • Description of any intervention administered (i.e. OMT, medications)
  • Brief description of the study’s outcome measures (i.e., symptom scores, measurements).


  • Report a brief summary of the main findings in the study. Include explanations of key measurements.
  • Include relevant statistical information (i.e., confidence interval, odds ratio, levels of significance such as value). Simple percentages are not sufficient.


  • Explain the overall significance of the study that is supported by the results obtained.
  • Describe why this case is osteopathically relevant


  • Include an acknowledgment of the study sponsors and any grants received for the study
  • Must include Statement that IRB approval was obtained or exempt. Must submit IRB letter with your abstract.


  • References (maximum of 10) should NOT be on the abstract, this should only be included on the poster
  • Photos and graphs should NOT be on the abstract, this should only be on the poster.