Welcome to the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association!

The Texas Osteopathic Medical Association (TOMA) is the oldest statewide Osteopathic Medical Association in the nation. Founded in 1900, this society serves over 1,400 osteopathic physicians and trainees across the state of Texas.

TOMA is strongly committed to fulfilling its mission of:

  • Improving the public health.
  • Promoting the philosophy of the Osteopathic School of Medicine.
  • Elevating and maintaining the high standards of the osteopathic profession in the fields of medicine, surgery and obstetrics.
  • Promoting research in the diagnostic and treatment of disease.
  • Establishing and improving upon the high standards of medical education and practice in osteopathic institutions.

Why Join TOMA...

TOMA is more than just a membership organization. By joining TOMA, you receive:
  • Advocate on behalf of the osteopathic profession and healthcare.
  • Access high-quality CME, including state-mandated opioid, human trafficking, and ethics credits.
  • Receive discounted pricing on conference registration fees.
  • Newsletters - access to TOMA e-newsletter (monthly) and Issue Focus (weekly during legislative session)
  • Engage with us and colleagues through our social handles and at conferences.
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