The TOMA House of Delegates (HOD) will meet virtually for a Special Meeting on May 30 to vote on proposed amendments to the association’s constitution and bylaws. Declining membership and lack of activity in many of the districts have put a strain on TOMA. After consulting with the American Osteopathic Association and other state organizations to see what has worked elsewhere, the Board of Trustees proposed eliminating TOMA’s House of Delegates and moving to having an annual business meeting at TOMA’s MidWinter Conference. The board also proposed the districts becoming independent social or affiliate organizations, keeping their current funds but no longer serving as a required part of TOMA under the constitution or bylaws. 

The following is a summary of those suggested changes and others. 

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  • The TOMA Board of Trustees may approve the establishment of district societies and affiliated organizations for the purpose of promoting the profession through the maintenance of quality controls, peer review, or other mechanisms involving the delivery and quality of health care.  
  • District societies and affiliated organizations shall adopt a constitution and bylaws and such other rules to regulate their activities that shall not conflict or supersede the constitution and bylaws of TOMA. Such documents of government shall be made available to TOMA upon request.  
  • District societies and affiliated organizations are encouraged to apply for Section 501(c)(6) status with the Internal Revenue Service. If a district society or affiliate organization is a tax-exempt organization, it will comply with all requirements necessary to maintain its tax exemption status.  
  • The TOMA Board of Trustees reserves the right to dissolve any district society or affiliate organization due to lack of activity for 18 months.  

House of Delegates 

  • Dissolve the HOD. 
  • Active TOMA members will vote to approve officer positions as well as amendments to the constitution, bylaws, and resolutions. 


  • TOMA is proposing a change to dues for retired, lifetime, and honorary lifetime members of the association. 
  • These members would be required to pay nominal dues in an amount to be determined by the TOMA Board of Trustees.  

If you would like to serve as a delegate at the upcoming meeting, please contact Jill Sutton at [email protected].