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2016 Annual Convention - Session Descriptions
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KEYNOTE: The Power of Healing from Within - Mind and Body Connection  |  speaker:  Megan Van Dyke

Traditionally, when creating a treatment plan, doctors and therapists tend to focus on the environmental factors which may have led to a particular injury.  As a result, the percentages of reinjury cases and pain becoming chronic, has increased.  By implementing even an intervention program (i.e. creating handouts discussing behavioral health factors, such as depression after surgery or injury), healthcare insurance companies can save as much as 20% and the patient is more likely to make a better, more long-lasting recovery.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Guided Walk-thru From Diagnosis to Treatment to Nutrition  |  speaker:  Anish Patel, DO

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which includes Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis, are chronic inflammatory disorders that affect the gastrointestinal tract. IBD afflicts over 2 million people in the United States and the incidence rate is rising. The symptoms and initial diagnosis of IBD can be very difficult and typically involves further evaluation by a sub-specialist. Various treatments are available with associated side effect profiles but also carry particular health maintenance needs. The goal of this lecture is to provide pearls into the diagnosis and management of IBD and further insight in the role of health maintenance and nutrition for IBD.


Rheumatology Tests I Wished I Never Ordered  |  speaker: Bernard Rubin, DO

There are several tests commonly ordered by primary care physicians to diagnose or monitor patients with rheumatic diseases.  Unfortunately, many of these tests are poorly understood in clinical practice.  Test results for ESR, RF, and ANA among others, are often misinterpreted or conflict with clinical findings.  Busy clinicians often place too much faith in non-specific tests.  The purpose of this lecture will be to review and discuss common tests used in rheumatology so that more appropriate use of testing in clinical practice will be achieved.


A Functional and Nutritional Approach to Healing Hashimoto's  |  speaker: Wendy Van Dyke, NP

The session will focus on conducting a thorough History and Physical exam, diagnostic criteria and treatment using a personalized functional and nutritional approach to healing.  Will also examine the current conventional approach to healing Hashimoto’s compared to the functional medicine approach and how it affects the patient using my own story.


Physician Burnout - Counteracting the Darkness  |  speaker: Thomas Mohr, MS, DO, FACOI, FAODME

There is an epidemic of physician burnout in the United States, and it has a pervasive negative effect on all aspects of medical care, including your career satisfaction. According to one researcher, “Numerous global studies involving nearly every medical and surgical specialty indicate that one in every three physicians is experiencing burnout at any given time.” In this session, we will fill this hole in your medical education by exploring burnout's origin, cardinal symptoms, and main causes.


Barrett’s Esophagus: How GERD Can Lead to Esophageal Cancer  |  speaker: Sarah Oberste, DO

This session will explore GERD/Erosive esophagitis. We will review Pathophysiology Diagnosis Treatment Link to Barrett's esophagus Barrett's esophagus as well as Pathophysiology Diagnosis/screening Treatment. 



KEYNOTE: Post Acute Care: The Next Frontier  |  speaker: Norman Vinn, DO

In the Senior population, 3-5% of patients account for 45% of costs.  The majority of these costs are related to acute and subacute care services.  Post-acute care is receiving increasing attention as a solution to decrease avoidable hospital and skilled nursing costs, improve care transitions, reduce futile care, and improve patient quality of life.  This session will discuss the history of home-based clinical care, review emerging models of post acute and high-risk chronic care , and explore opportunities for osteopathic physician to improve care transition and coordination of care in an environment where accountable performance is of increasing importance.


Common Skin Cancers and Treatment Options  |  speaker: Rick Lin, DO, MPH

In this session you will learn to recognize potentially dangerous skin cancer, learn how to know when to refer patient to the specialist to be seen as a patient for potential dermatologic treatment. You will also learn some basic information about the most common skin cancers In-depth discussion about dermatologic procedures.


RxISKY Business: Medications to Avoid in the Elderly  |  speaker: Hennie Garza, MSPharm, RPh, CDE

In this session we will explore the potential risks of medications used in the elderly guided by a pharmacist practicing in Post-Acute/Long-Term Care.


Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and Treatment  |  speaker: Robert Megna, DO

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., despite guideline-driven care.  In fact, 50% of people that have a heart attack have normal LDL cholesterol levels.  There is significant amount of residual risk despite LDL cholesterol lowering therapy.  Physicians need to become aware of additional diagnostic tests including advanced lipid, inflammation, metabolic marker testing and diagnostic procedures that identify risk for cardiovascular disease early and prevent events.




KEYNOTE: I Choose Not to Lose  |  speaker: Michael Hosford

This session will provide a true economic update and help Physicians better understand how to help themselves along with their staff.


Breast Beauty  |  speaker: Rola E. Eid, DO, FACOS

In this informative session you will learn about the latest advances in breast reconstruction surgery for cancer patients.

The Science Behind Pellet Therapy  |  speaker: Tom Siegenthaler, RPh, FACA

In this session Mr. Siegenthaler will present HRT dosage considerations with advantages and disadvantages of each. He will also take a historical look at past problems with HRT in Women and discuss the science behind the use of hormone pellets in men and women.  He will also cover dosage considerations for pellets in men and women as well as trouble shooting for Pellet Therapy.


Holy MACRA! What Alternative Payment Models Mean to The Practicing Doc  |  speaker: Russell Kohl, MD, FAAFP - TMF Health Quality Institute

"Value-based Payment" is rapidly moving from an idea to concrete programs that are being implemented across the country. Physicians must rapidly become familiar with these "alternative payment models" and identify which program is right for their practice, or risk significant financial penalties that could destroy their practice. Leaders from the TMF QIN-QIO and the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative will discuss the major models affecting Texas and help providers identify what models may best fit their practice environment.


Principles of Precepting: A Short Course for Community Volunteers  |  speakers: Don N. Peska, DO, MEd and Robyn Phillips-Madson, DO, MPH, RPh

Faculty from Texas' osteopathic medical schools will engage the attendees in a series of interactive presentations that will identify best practices in promoting student/resident learning in a variety of venues including inpatient and ambulatory facilities. The session will include a discussion of core competencies, entrustable professional activities and milestones and conclude with a guide to providing meaningful assessment.


Sleep Project - Tele Sleep  |  speakers: Ben Boedecker, DVM, MD, PhD, MBA and James M. Andry, MD

Sleep Therapy and Research Center and the University of Incarnate Word School of medicine are collaborating to improve the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders through the use of Tele Sleep.  Sleep TRC is developing partnerships with primary care, and dental clinics where patients are screened for sleep disorders as part of the standard patient intake process.  Patients whom are positive for possible sleep disorder undergo either an in lab sleep study (complex patients) or in home sleep study.  Telemedicine is employed to minimize patient travel and allow enhanced reach by the sleep specialist to rural underserved sites. Demonstration of Tele Sleep will be performed.


Gene and Gene Expression Testing- Evolution of Human Health Measurement  |  speakers: Jim Froelich, DO and Jim Czewski, DO

Gene testing and gene expression testing (GET) will be a mainstay of future human health testing and individualized treatment. As clinical physicians, it is important to understand present and expected future uses of gene testing and gene expression as well as their future potential in a clinical office environment.  From this lecture the physician should be able to distinguish the difference between gene testing and gene expression testing (GET),  describe some of the present day uses of both gene testing and GET, in the clinical setting and , enumerate future uses of GET and gene testing in the physician's office.



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