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2017 Annual Convention - Session Descriptions
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AHA Courses - ACLS, BLS & PALS    Basic OMT for Primary Care    Wound Care    Practice Management





 8AM - 5PM

New! Basic OMT For Primary Care   {details}

 9AM - 11AM

AHA Course - Basic Life Support   {details}

 11AM - 9PM

AHA Course - Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support   {details}


THURSDAY, JUNE 8                           


 8AM - 5PM

AHA Course - Pediatric Life Support   {details}

 1PM - 2PM


Non-Addictive Treatment Options for Chronic Pain
David Lindley, DO

Chronic pain affects at least 1 of 10 Americans every year. There are numerous ways of treating chronic pain. Addictive treatments for chronic pain had increased greatly over a decade. The rise of addictive treatments for treatment of chronic pain has caused significant mortibity, mortality and cost to American society. Addictive treatments, if used at all, should be a last resort. Other methods for treating chronic pain include alternative, physical, medical, surgical, and interventional treatments.


Osteopathic Management of Traumatic Sports Injury
Wayne English, Jr., DO

This lecture will include a slide and video presentation as well as a discussion as to how to manage acute, on the field sports injuries. It will also include the follow-up to off the field management to safely permit the athlete to return to play safely and necessary rehabilitation techniques to prevent re-injury.

 2PM - 3PM


Precision Medicine
Theodore Pollock, DO

Personalized care in cancer medicine has recently, although not a new concept, moved to the forefront of treating patients with advanced cancer.  Today there is a greater understanding of cancer at the genetic level at the tumor and host level supporting new generation of antineoplastic agents, small molecules and antibodies directed at specific targets.  The TAPUR trial hopes to match commercially available pharmacologic agents to specific genetic mutation to check both the efficacy and safety of these agents.


Testosterone Therapy
David Fein, MD

Although testosterone therapy has been used for women for over 80 years, there are still beliefs and perceptions that contradict the true nature and safety of this hormone.  The discussion will review the history, biochemistry, benefits (including clinical data demonstrating breast cancer risk prevention), side effects, and risks of testosterone therapy. Included will be a short introduction on how to adopt HRT and testosterone therapy into your practice.

 3PM - 4PM


Surgical Options for Advanced Mestastic Disease
Pragatheeshwar Thirunavukarasu, MD "Dr. Prag"


Differentiating Puberty - What's Normal and What's Not?
Shamita Trivedi, DO

The topic of puberty can be quite confusing for the general physician because there are so many cases of abnormal pubertal findings which can be benign versus abnormal findings which need to be worked up further.  I would like to delve into these topics in a discussion where I will discuss the normal process of puberty and then focus on the most common abnormal findings with regards to puberty that a general physician (adult or pediatric) and the next steps to take on the outpatient side prior to referral to a specialist.  This topic is extremely applicable to many practices.

 4PM - 5PM


Evaluation & Nonsurgical Treatment of Spine Pain
Kavita Trivedi, DO

This session focuses on the evaluation and nonsurgical treatment of spine pain.  Spine/back pain is one of the leading causes for patients to present to their primary care physician.  It is important for the general practitioner to understand a baseline assessment of spine issues and to make the appropriate referral.  Unfortunately, many patients are inappropriately referred to a spine surgeon when in reality many spine problems can be treated non-surgically.  Performing a good baseline spine assessment and making the appropriate referral leads to providing good patient care and reducing unnecessary health care costs.


Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
Russell Fisher, DO, FACC

Discuss new and established treatments for atrial fibrillation including new anticoagulant medications.


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 8AM - 9AM Direct Patient Care
Chris Larson, DO
 9AM - 10AM

Direct Patient Care: Transforming Payment through Transparency and Free 

Staci Benson, DO

Direct primary care (DPC) is a quickly growing model of primary care in the United States.  It is an innovative alternative payment model that is being embraced by patients and physicians, in rural communities and metropolitan areas, with practices in every state but Iowa and the Dakotas.  DPC is a membership-based payment model.  This lecture is intended to increase the participant’s understanding of the movement and its broad legal considerations. In addition, this lecture will address starting a practice in Texas.

 9AM - 4:30PM Practice Management Workshop   {details}
 10AM - 11PM


The Vascular Disease No One Teaches But Should - Venous Insufficiency
Eric Eidson, DO

Venous insufficiency is the most under diagnoses and under treated vascular disease process in the United States resulting in billions of dollars of medical spending on treatment of complications, most of which are preventable, and millions of lost work hours each year. This session will describe what venous diseases and what it is not, the incidence and etiology or venous disease, the pathophysiology behind venous disease, how it is diagnosed and ultimately how it can be treated. The goal of this session is simple, to advance the education in the medical community about one of the most commonly seen but seldom recognized vascular diseases to better serve our patients and surrounding community.


Cardiopulmonary Exercise Stress Testing
Robert Megna, DO

 2PM - 5PM

OMT: OMM for Pregnant Women with Low Back Pain

Instructor: Kendi Hensel, DO

Table Trainers: Kat Pedersen, Matt Barker, Mindy Hansen, Krista Kasinec and Yein Lee

 4PM - 5PM


Screening for Gastrointestinal Disease
Scott Hendrickson, DO


HPV & its Effect on Head & Neck Cancers
Brad Mons, DO

 5PM - 6PM


Pharmacogenetics: Made Easy and Useful
Jim Czewski, DO


Updates in Cancer Screenings
Laurence Altshuler, MD

This session will explore updates in cancer screenings.  Attendees will be able to list the most common cancers that can be prevented by screening and those that cannot summarize the best screening tools for preventing each cancer. We will discuss the controversies and current recommendations for mammograms and PSA levels CBD Oil: Describe the underlying mechanism of CBD oil.  Relate the evidence-based uses for CBD oil Summarize the possible toxicities, side effects and complications of using CBD oil Pain Management: Summarize the hierarchy of use of narcotic (opiate) medications Describe indications, side effects and complications of using narcotic medication List alternative, non-narcotic methods for pain relief Discuss the approach to the patient with acute Vs chronic pain.




 8AM - 10AM Opioid Prescribing: Safe Practice, Changing Lives- AOA CO*RE REMS
Paul S. Jones, DO
 8AM - 5PM Wound Care Workshop   {details}
 10AM - 11AM MACRA
Russell Kohl, MD 
 2PM - 3PM 85th Legislative Update
JD Sheffield, DO 
 3PM - 4PM


Leading Transformation in Health Care Teams
Jonathan Silk & Steve Sosland

How do we transform our health care delivery model from provider-centric to patient-centric? Transformational leadership is difficult and just what we need to thrive, not simply survive, in our turbulent health care world. This session builds on lessons learned in difficult environments and uses actual vignettes to show how to lead transformational change in health care organizations.


Leadership Development for Practicing Physicians
David Garza, DO

 4PM - 5PM


Adding A Pharmacist to your Team
Jennifer Fix, PharmD

Dr. Jennifer Fix will share her vision for Family Practice Providers and Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacists teaming up to maximize medication benefits for your patients and your practice.  Explore the benefits of including a pharmacist on your team and develop a strategy to make it happen.


Leadership Development for Students

David Garza, DO



 8AM - 9AM

Accountability Medical Error
Steven Gates, DO

Talk will cover Accountability for Medical Error and ways to prevent and provide Ideal Patient Care

 9AM - 10AM The Value of Healthcare
Scott Howell, MD 
 10AM - 11AM TBD
Roy Martin, PhD 
 11AM - 12PM Indiana Medicaid Experience
John J. Wernert, MD 




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