Teodor Huzij, DO, FACN



As a combined trained physician in family practice, psychiatry and osteopathic manipulative medicine, Dr. Huzij specializes in the interface of mental health, manual medicine and faith. His career has focused on rediscovering and developing a genuinely osteopathic psychiatric practice. He seeks to fulfill the Latin root of the word ‘doctor’, teacher, in all of his pursuits.

OMM in Psychiatry

A review of the well established origins of osteopathic psychiatry, a renewed vision of a genuinely osteopathic psychiatric approach and a novel OMM approach for addressing mood disorders. 


1. Review the roots of osteopathic psychiatry.

2. Propose a definition of osteopathic psychiatry.

3. Explore application of the osteopathic tenets in the field of psychiatry.

4. Introduce a novel OMM approach for addressing mood disorders.