Soraya Herbert



An influencer, innovator, entrepreneur, and digital media enthusiast, Soraya kicked off her career by becoming an educator on practical technology solutions for a multiplicity of sectors and industries. She specializes in creating and sharing stories using a multiplicity of media platforms. Soraya has worked with a wee variety of vertices, from healthcare to events, guiding individuals on how to effectively use digital media to promote and spread their story. Building her personal brand “Soraya Janae”, Soraya is a Digital Media Enthusiast with DAHLIA+ Agency, as well as a Speaker, Blogger, and #BossBabe.

Soraya is also a featured tech writer for MPI (Meeting Planners International) Chicago Chapter and a Certified Makeup Artist. With a background in digital and online media, Soraya is proficient with using social media platforms, photography, videography, mobile apps, digital analytics and HTML/+CSS. She doesn’t let the stereotypes of being a “Millennial” scare her from any challenge. Soraya never stops learning and thrives in this fast-paced  world, staying on top the newest trends in technology, social media and beauty industry.

Keynote: Technology Workshop