Keith Fernandez, MD



Keith Fernandez, MD serves as National Chief Clinical Officer of Privia Health and CEO of Privia Medical Group - Gulf Coast, the fastest-growing independent group with over 400 providers in Texas. Prior to Privia, Dr. Fernandez served as President and Physician-in-Chief of the Memorial Hermann Physician Network (MHMD), CMO of the Memorial Hermann ACO and Chairman of MHMD’s Clinical Programs Committee. In those roles, he spearheaded the development of MHMD’s Patient Centered Medical Homes and Care Management program that formed the bedrock of the most financially successful Medicare Shared Savings Program for 3 years, with over 200 million dollars in shared savings, as well as high-performance commercial ACO, Medicare Advantage and risk-based contracts.

Patients, Not Paperwork. Reclaiming your independent practice in the midst of increasing administrative burdens.

Recent statistics show that the increasing amount of administrative work is driving physicians to burnout, affecting their happiness within the practice. Join Dr. Keith Fernandez in discussing the root causes of burnout and exploring the impact on physicians’ work/life balance, career satisfaction and quality of patient care. You’ll walk away with actionable tips your practice can implement today and a better understanding of the support needed to succeed in today’s changing healthcare landscape.


1. Discuss the impact of the administrative burden on physicians in relation to work/life balance and career satisfaction;

2. Gain a deeper understanding of the environmental and industry stressors that can contribute to physician burnout;

3. Analyze the dangers of physician burnout, as it affects the quality of patient care;

4. Identify and evaluate actionable solutions to burnout, specifically to combat overwhelming administrative tasks, within the practice.