Dane David Gruenebaum, DO, MBA




Born again as a Texan, Dane is completing his General Cardiology Fellowship at Corpus Christi Medical Center, beyond general cardiology his interests lay in the evaluation and treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease and how to mitigate its significant burden. He enjoys the warmth of the South Texas outdoors and riding his motorcycle in his downtime. 

PVD: Peripheral Vascular Disease

A comprehensive presentation on Peripheral vascular disease as a co-morbidity. We will explore the basics including pathophysiology, the work up evaluation and when it may be appropriate to refer for intervention, the available medical therapies, potential interventions, and finally the implications of the disease process for our patients, our healthcare system and as a society.


 1. Understand Basics of PAD and CVI

2. Options for evaluation/work up

3. Overview of Medical Treatment

4. Overview of Potential Interventional Therapy

5) Understanding the importance of this as a co-morbidity